Exiled Legion

Kazenoryuu Guppy! Holy poopcycles! gratz on being the best 9 hour guild guys and gals!
Zavinn Thanks!
Elki Guppy! Grats guys!

6/7 Mythic Butcher

Zolvolt aOfficer posted Jan 6, 15

Dhryke Good video! +1 for Ronald Jenkees!
Phenax big cats > small cats

Its starting to look a lot like Highmaul... ogres everywhereeee

Mavinadin god dammit zolvolt
Priv Sup, I'm hi.
vimn a ...

Mythic Tectus down! US 40 4/7

Zolvolt aOfficer posted Dec 19, 14

Great job everyone! Lets keep on rolling through the content! Holiday schedule begins this monday, make sure to check the forums or the in-game calendar for the days we have off and the mondays we raid to make up for it.
Zolvolt aOfficer Obligatory Comment