Exiled Legion

Heroic Garrosh

vimn aOfficer posted Jan 9, 14

Alaskã Great video!
Mavinaa flee flee flee flee flee flee

Heroic 25m Garrosh Defeated!

Zolvolt aOfficer posted Jan 9, 14

Amazing work Everyone!
Zolvolt aOfficer I fixed it ;)
vimn aOfficer jesus zol
Zolvolt aOfficer gdi this website...

Heroic Blackfuse

vimn aOfficer posted Nov 22, 13
vimn aOfficer just wait, the new album all the kill videos
Closely o This....this isn't Glitch Mob.

Heroic Thok

vimn aOfficer posted Oct 31, 13

Heroic Spoils of Pandaria

vimn aOfficer posted Oct 17, 13
Veltaius x woot woot, the first video where you can see a DK on the damage meters in the thumbnail
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